YAML syntax: using aliases from included files

Hi guys,

I've started to use the anchor/alias syntax showed by Tony@Psyop in the FxPhD video and I enjoy it a lot. Makes everything cleaner in my config folders.

What I'm trying to do right now is to use an alias from an included file. I have a Nuke engine properly defined in my shot_comp.yml config file and I want to reuse the same engine in a shot_roto.yml using the alias syntax (actually it will be a merge as I need to change some properties)

When doing that I get the folowing error:

<!--StartFragment-->Exception: - Could not parse file config/env/shot_roto.yml. Error reported: found undefined alias 'nuke-shot-comp'
  in "config/env/shot_roto.yml", line 12, column 3
Traceback (most recent call last):

File "/tank/studio/install/engines/app_store/tk-nuke/v0.2.23/python/tk_nuke/__init__.py", line 178, in __tank_startup_node_callback

__engine_refresh(tk, new_ctx)

File "/tank/studio/install/engines/app_store/tk-nuke/v0.2.23/python/tk_nuke/__init__.py", line 92, in __engine_refresh
tank.platform.start_engine(engine_name, tk, new_context)

File "/tank/studio/install/core/python/tank/platform/engine.py", line 1041, in start_engine
(env, engine_descriptor) = __get_env_and_descriptor_for_engine(engine_name, tk, context)

File "/tank/studio/install/core/python/tank/platform/engine.py", line 1189, in __get_env_and_descriptor_for_engine
env = tk.pipeline_configuration.get_environment(env_name, context)

File "/tank/studio/install/core/python/tank/pipelineconfig.py", line 467, in get_environment
return Environment(env_file, self, context)

File "/tank/studio/install/core/python/tank/platform/environment.py", line 52, in __init__

File "/tank/studio/install/core/python/tank/platform/environment.py", line 73, in __refresh
raise TankError("Could not parse file %s. Error reported: %s" % (self.__env_path, exp))


Attached are the two config files



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