Loader 2 : audio in maya



I published sounds (. wav files) in shotgun and I tried to load them into maya with multi-loader2.

no sound available from that shotgun menu.

Idea is to load .wav file as reference and to add It to camera sequencer for use with "scene breakdown".


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    I'm not sure how you published your sounds but if you'll need to be sure to set the Published File Type for the publish. If you used the register_publish() utility in the Toolkit API, this is a parameter you can pass in. Then in the Loader settings, you'll need to define the action_mappings for your sound files. These are the actions you'll want to perform on the publish for your scene (ie. reference, import, etc). 

    The documentation for the Loader has information on this and other configuration settings for the Loader here.

    So let's assume you published your sounds with a Published File Type of Audio File. In the Loader settings in your environment yml file, you'd add a line to add your action mappings, something like this:

     Maya Scene: [reference, import]
    Photoshop Image: [texture_node]
    Rendered Image: [texture_node]
    Audio File: [reference, import]

    So this tells the Loader to look for Audio File publishes now, and any Audio Files it finds, it will give you the option to run the reference or import action. These actions are defined already in the Loader as defaults. But if you have any custom action types you'd like to perform, you can define your own (see the docs about this here

    Now you should see Audio File as an option in the lower left of the Loader UI and any Audio File Publishes for your Assets or Shots should now show up in the main window!