Shotgun.exe Desktop configuration won't run

After running the installer (ShotgunInstaller_Current.exe) the Desktop executable (Shotgun.exe) will not run.

No output or error message.

Any suggestions for debugging?

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    Rob Blau

    Hi Stephen,

    The app lives in the system tray, and Windows likes to hide those icons by default.  Is there a SG icon hiding out in the expanded icon area:



    If not, then do you see Shotgun.exe running in Task Manager?

    If the answer is still no, then there should be a log file in your home directory's "AppData/Roaming/Shotgun" folder named tk-desktop.log.
    Could you send that on to us at toolkitsupport@shotgunsoftware.com?  We'll take a look to see what is going on.

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    Stephen Schick

    Sorry, I meant to close this off.

    This was related to python fail loading mimetypes from the registry.

    This fixed it: http://www.swarley.me.uk/blog/2014/04/23/python-pip-and-windows-registry-corruption/

    I went with the “Manually Patch ‘mimetypes.py’” option, which worked.