No engines are working, Shotgun Desktop crashing

Just did a fresh install of Shotgun Desktop and set up a toolkit project using the Game Template.

We are using three apps: Photoshop CS6 x64, 3ds Max, and Maya.

We only occasionally get error messages informing us what could be wrong.  I have verified that all our paths are correct, however we did not have Python27 or PySide installed which were supposedly supposed to be installed by Shotgun Desktop.  I have installed Python27 but have not done PySide yet.  I did not know about the missing Python install until an error message finally displayed correctly (it's usually hidden behind the crashed Maya loading screen, or doesn't display at all).

Here are our problems:

Upon launching Photoshop from Shotgun Desktop, Shotgun claims that the Extension Manager will be run twice: once to remove the Shotgun plugin, and a second time to install an updated one.  The extension manager does run once to remove the "old" plugin, version 1.1.1, and sometimes doesn't run a second time

When it does launch a second time, it simply re-installed version 1.1.1.

When Photoshop opens and the Shotgun widget is opened up, it either says it could not connect to Shotgun or shows nothing at all.

Also, while all this is happening, Shotgun Desktop is "not responding" and grayed out, and usually requires closing and reopening.

3ds Max 
Max Launches from Shotgun just fine, unfortunately it shows absolutely no Shotgun related plugins, toolbars, etc.  Where is the integration supposed to show up in Max?

Maya will not even fully open up after launching from Shotgun.  The logo image freezes/glitches and stays that way.  I have to kill the process.

So we're 0 for 3 right now, really hoping I'm just missing something obvious!  I'll keep trying with the PySide install, I already had a previous Python install (2.6) which I need to keep, so hopefully these will live next to each other nicely.


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    Barth- Derrick


    This engine is now working... but that is because I had to "decline" all the Adobe Extension Manager popups.  It kept uninstalling Shotgun plugin 1.1.1, and then reinstalling 1.1.1.  Finally, after declining the updates (which Shotgun Desktop told me I would need), Photoshop starts normally and the plugin works.

    This is still extremely troubling.  Maya will not load, and I get a popup that says "Shotgun: Could not start Photoshop engine..."

    3ds Max
    I've installed Blur Studio's Python integration, but upon launching 3ds Max I am still not seeing/getting any Shotgun plugins.