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We have some (small) problems while running the "create folders" script today.

- It is going really slow, like 30 to 90 seconds for one shot. (It started today, we did change some things in the schema; could we have done something wrong?)

- We get the error "attempt to write a readonly database"... (like the one in the attachment)

Though my colleague can run it without any problem (we have both the same restrictions in shotgun). After he ran the script, I can run it also for the shot without getting the error, so it looks like some folder creation error. The strange thing is that I can create the same folderstructure, but I get an error at the end, while he gets a succes.

I added the structure I get after running the "create folders preview", so you can see what should be happening; and I will discuss the problem with our IT, to see if it could have anything to do with the server. If you have any idea about what could go wrong, please let us know and thank you in advance.


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    This was answered in a support ticket, the error was resolved by fixing some bad folder settings, but here's the basic rundown of the response:

    The speed of the folder creation is definitely an issue we are aware of. There are a couple of things about it that are greatly affected by the speed of the storage that the project lives on, and particularly where the path cache file is stored. We are close to a release that will allow that path cache file to be stored locally per user so that at least all the i/o to that file (of which there is a lot) won't be expensive.

    The folder creation code has a separate ticket for improvement that we also hope to complete soon.

    For more information about the path cache, network mounts, and any error messages or slowness you may be seeing, check out this forum post.