asset_type in Symlink

Hello,im using close to a standard schema: project/assets/asset_type/asset/step/publishIm trying to get a token for asset_type but it doesn't seem to be working.

Cannot compute symlink target for <Static /mnt/software/shotgun/dev_emaltais/config/core/schema/project/assets/asset_type/asset/step/publish>: The reference token '$asset_type' cannot be resolved. Available tokens are ['Project', 'Step', 'Asset'].

here's the target in my images.symlink.yml: target:  /fx-nas-02/FX-Prod/SHOTGUN/mnt/projects/$Project/$asset_type/$Asset/$Step/publish/images

Also, is there a way to add new custom token for symlink (Let's say we decide to create a new dynamic folder)


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