Default entity field value?


Just wondering if there was a way to define default value for entity fields?

For example we have an "AutoExportCaches" boolean field that I would like to be True by default.

I could use the shotgunEventDaemon to activate it but I don't want to blindly overwrite data (ex: if the project owner really want the feature off for his project).


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    Hey Renaud,

    This is a very common question we get on the Shotgun side, but right now the answer is unfortunately no. The only field type we allow default values for is Status fields. We're tracking this on our Feature Request forums on the Shotgun Support site here. If you want to add your "me too!" to the post (as well as any notes), that will help us gage the overall demand for a feature like this.

    Don't be turned off by the fact that post is about list fields, we're viewing it as default values for all fields (and may update it to reflect that).