update sg_cut_in, sg_cut_out, and sg_cut_duration in a seq or scn?

Is it possible via the api to update sg_cut_in, sg_cut_out, and sg_cut_duration for a sequence or scene?

Most of the examples I have found online are related to shots.

The comments in tank\install\apps\app_store\tk-houdini-setframerange\v0.1.2\app.py seem to indicate that I can't set the frame range in sequences or scenes.


This is the error I am getting:

# Error: line 1: Fault: file Y:/pipeline/P4/fz/ws/fz_rghs_la_pipeline_7176/fac/python/27/site-packages\shotgun_api3\shotgun.py line 1560: API update() of data type 'summary' not supported in API #


And the code I am running:


start_frame = 321
end_frame = 4513
duration = 4192

entity_type = 'Sequence'

entity_id = 319

cut_data = {'sg_cut_in' : start_frame,

'sg_cut_out' : end_frame,
'sg_cut_duration' : duration,

print("Set %s (%s) frame info: sg_cut_in, sg_cut_out, sg_cut_duration: %s" % (entity_type, entity_id, cut_data))
entity_info = sg.update(entity_type, entity_id, cut_data)

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