Upload sometimes auto create Thumbnail link


I checked on didn't find any help on that, if i am wrong please forgive and lead me.


I made a simple upload script, which creates a new version linked to a shot, and upload a mov to that version.

Sometimes a get a thumbnail created automatically sometimes not. The director prefers it with the thumbnail.


Then i have 2 solutions, one i solve it and have thumbnail auto create works every time, or i force it by setting image file (thumbnail) with version sg_uploaded_shot.url.


When checking the only thing i found is that the version url are quite different :

when the auto thumbnail works file are stored in https://sg-media-usor-01.s3.amazonaws.com/xxxpath

when no auto thumbnail is created file are stored in http://myproject.shotgunstudio.com/file_serve/attachment/xxxnumbers


what should i do to get those thumbnails created every time ?


Thanks for help

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