Is there a way to supress the opening of a new window with an Action Menu call?

Failing that, can we please get some tools to, at least, specify a window size when it opens in a new window?

I am, obviously, referring to a get request that will be handled by a web server here but it is very frustrating that I can't control the workflow without getting an extra window opening - and the associated complaints from the browser that it is blocking a pop-up.

If I want to collect user-input I am left with a hanging window and if I redirect back to the calling page in shotgun then I'm stuck with two windows open.

Anyone got a good solution for me?





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    Tom Stratton

    I've been working away on this and have managed to get the new window to close iteself and redirect back to shotgun but it sure would be nice if, as part of specifying the Action Menu item we could specify the target window - I'd really like to stay in the same window that is already open so that I don't end up running afoul of pop-up blockers.

    PS - At risk of exposing my need to learn more javascipt I used the following to get the window to open up at a reasonable size

    print '''
    <title>Creating Playlist From Shots</title>
    function changeScreenSize(w,h)
    window.resizeTo( w,h )
    <body><body onload="changeScreenSize(700,350)">