Can i query a human users machine/host name?

just wondering if i can/should query a human users machine/host name from shotgun api?
It doesnt look like there is an extra field for it? Do i need one or is there another way, i think we run LDAP.

Better handled on system level?


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    Ben Hadden

    Hi Katisss,

    You can create a field on HumanUsers to store this information.  If the data is in LDAP, you can be syncing it to each user and then use the API to read it from Shotgun.  Shotgun won't store this information automatically though.  Let me know if you've been able to resolve this or still have questions.

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    thanks for the reply.  I found our LDAP sync isnt in place yet,

    Completely OT:  The API section is missing the pdf documentation  it used to have.
    If support could repost it it be tremendously helpful.