Create Local File Folder from Shotgun

What would be a way to create a directory or better yet - an entire directory structure from within Shotgun.

The idea behind is that after a new shot entity (such as Shot_001_ABC) is created (in Shotgun) the user could right-click on a shot name in a Shotgun Shot listing to access some custom menu item (in a right-click menu) select and execute a Create Shot Folder command.

As a result the local file folder is created with the same name as the shot name: Shot_001_ABC.

The file path to this folder would be associated with the current project.

For example, if the shot Shot_001_ABC is under My_Favorite_Project project then the Shot_001_ABC would be places on a local hard drive in a such fashion:


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    Hi  Pasha,


    Thanks for the suggestion.   We have an add-on product coming out soon that will do exactly that.    It's in the early stages of testing at the moment but we expect to make more public announcements in the next few months.