xml-rpc method reference documentation?

I appreciate your guy's reference docs on the Python API3 library you wrote.  But I was wondering if you guys are planning on documenting the actual raw xml-rpc methods for Shotgun.  I'm making an attempt at a C++ API and it would be helpful.  For example, the shotgun_api3.py has a find method, but there isn't really an xml-rpc find method on the server, but rather a read method that the find method calls.  Anyways, just curious if this is something you guys would document.

Also, on a related note, any chance of firing up a wiki that your users could use to document and share usage and development info?

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    Jonathan Gerber

    PING. I have to say that it is really a shame that Shotgun doesn't provide a public RESTful api at this point. Shotgun is a web app and service; it should provide an idiomatic api. HTTP requests are trivial to make in just about any language (not just python).So, at the very least, document your RPC layer.