Uploading thumbnails

It appears that there are two filenames for a thumbnail.  When I run an sg.findone with 'image' in the fields I get:

{'image': 'https://legend211.shotgunstudio.com/files/0000/0000/0168/232/000-blah.tiff.jpg', 'code': '000-blah', 'type': 'Shot', 'id': 1934}


When I check the Event Log I see:

And when I try to sg.update --
-- I get:
shotgun.Fault: <Fault 103: 'API update() Shot.image expected [Hash, NilClass] data type(s) but got String:\n"https://legend211.shotgunstudio.com/files/0000/0000/0167/232/000-blah.tiff.jpg"'>
How can I automate updating the thumbnails?

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    You can't re-assign an existing image in Shotgun to be a thumbnail (yet).Thumbnails can currently only be updated using the upload_thumbnail() method:

    sg.upload_thumbnail('Shot', 1934, '/path/to/my_thumbnail.jpg')