custom functions in the gear menu

Hi guys,

Looks like there are lots of things you can do with these triggers. https://shotgunsoftware.zendesk.com/forums/33500/entries/43809

I was curious if there were plans to allow the user to add custom functions to the gear menu?

In the trigger example, we change a value of a field and and it triggers an action. (When animation is 'finalled', lighting turns to 'in progress')

What we were looking for was more like the behavior of the edit and delete buttons. (Let's use the example of Versions) Currently I can select a bunch of versions and hit the delete button: this will delete my current selection. I can edit fields on the current selection in the same way. What we would like to do is some 'custom operation' on the selected items.

For example:

1. Select items in list

2. In the gear menu pick 'update quicktime'

3. For all the versions selected:

       check if there is a  'path to frames' field, verify frames exist

       make a quicktime movie from the frames on the farm

       upload the quicktime to the version

       toggle some field called 'qt up to date'


Workflow-wise you probably would not want to generate the quicktime after your version is in shotgun. Instead this (hopefully) just demonstrates the idea of performing a custom operation on a selection set, from within shotgun. I think all of this stuff is possible from the api, we are more curious about exposing a script to the gear menu and passing the current selection set as an arguement.

Let me know what you think.




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