Pref to deactivate hyperlink on entities shown in link fields

Some clients have requested the ability to disable the hyperlink on entities displayed in link fields. For instance, the "Project" field for any given entity displays the Project Name as a link to the Project Overview page. Sometimes it may be useful to disable that link, for instance on a Vendor-facing page where you don't want them to have the ability to easily link to that Project page.

Seems like this may be most useful if implemented as an option in the Format menu for a given column. In the same way that you can set certain fields to render as links to the entity's detail page, you could have another option to turn off the entity field's link formatting (per field, per page, setting saved with the page layout). But this could also (probably more quickly) be implemented as a site-wide pref - "Never render this entity name as a link" or something like that. If you support this feature, please let us know in the comments what would be most useful.

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