Mark Notes as Read in Inbox when viewed elsewhere in Shotgun

Before the development of the Inbox for Shotgun, a user could keep track of whether or not they had viewed a Note (and its latest replies) using the "Read/Unread" field. The Inbox does not take those values into account, rather Notifications are generated at the time the Note is created and those Notifications will sit in your Inbox until they are read.

We've heard from some of our clients how handy it would be if a Note is seen in another context within Shotgun (such as the Note's detail page, or viewing or replying to it within an Activity stream). Since a user may read and interact with the Note in these other contexts, the Inbox notification for that same Note becomes redundant and unnecessary. This request would cover intelligently marking Notes in the Inbox as read if seen elsewhere in Shotgun.

If this feature would be useful for you, be sure to click the "Me Too!" button and add your comments below.

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