Screening Room for RV - "Swap into Sequence" should load the same media type as currently loaded clip (movie vs. frames)

Currently when you use the "Swap into Sequence" feature in Screening Room for RV (available when right-clicking on a Version in the Related Versions panel), the new Version is loaded in using the default media type as set in the Preferences in the Shotgun menu. This could be either Movie (loading the media found in the "Path to Movie" field on the Version), or Frames (from the "Path to Frames" Version field).

It seems like the more desirable behavior would be to swap in whatever type of media is currently loaded for the Version that is being replaced. That way, regardless of the default preference, the new Version would load as frames if you are viewing frames, or a movie if you are viewing a sequence of movies, thus adapting to the current context which is more likely to be correct.

Click 'Me Too!' to vote up this feature, and add any additional thoughts or use cases in the comments.

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