Alternate movie upload for Client Review Site

It would be great if we could upload an alternate movie file to be specifically shown through the Client Review Site which differs from the standard uploaded movie for internal use.


A lot of facilities have the concept of "internal versions" and "client versions" as a way to avoid confusing clients over different version numbers on things that they are sent. So rather than sending anim_v003, anim_v006, comp_v001 to the clients, and them being confused that the v001 is more recent than the v006, we take what we are delivering to clients and rename them as v001, v002, v003, with an internal mapping to tell us that v001 = anim_v003, v002 = anim_v006, v003 = comp_v001, etc.


For the Client Review Site, there is already the concept of the "client code" field on each Version, allowing the text underneath the movie to be the alternate client name, but movies often also have their name burnt in to them. Also, a case that I am encountering at the moment, I would prefer the internal movies to just have thin lines denoting the edges of the 2.35:1 area, but for the client movies I'd rather completely cover everything outside this area with solid black, so as to avoid client confusion over what they should be looking at.


Ideally, there would be a drop-down similar to the "Version Name Field" one that selects "Movie Field" or something similar. It could also have an option to fall back to the standard one if there isn't one available in the new client movie field.



Any support for this feature would be most welcome!





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    Johnny Duguid

    This one hasn't bubbled up high enough on the list yet, but Hugh makes a compelling case. Please add your support if you're interested in this one...!

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    Hugh Macdonald

    I had a producer just last week asking me if there was any way of making the burn-ins on the client review site actually have the client code on them rather than our internal one. I said that I'd asked for that, and it might happen. Thanks for nudging it, Johnny - hopefully it can find some more fans!