Buffered/accumulated notification emails

This seems like a pretty common problem based on conversations that I've had with artists/production, as well as forum posts I've seen around.  The issue is that when changing something on, say, a task, if you are modifying multiple fields, you trigger multiple notification emails to the assigned artist.  Notification emails are GREAT, but getting five of them because five fields were modified on a single task is NOT GREAT.  The result is noise, which causes a person to tune out and stop paying attention to their notifications.


What seems like a reasonable solution would to be able to specify a buffer time for notifications, and during that buffer time accumulate all notifications triggered by that same item.  At the end of the buffer time, a single notification email is sent.  This would have to work on an item-by-item basis, such that all notifications triggered from a single task are accumulated, but notifications from other tasks to the same user being modified at the same time would be accumulated as a separate stacks of events and trigger their own emails.


With this, there are still situations where multiple emails might be sent, but I suspect that if the buffer time were something like two minutes, the vast majority of the time a single notification would be sent to users containing the list of all changes.  Even if the coordinator/whoever took more than the two-minute allotment of time to enter all of their changes, the result would simply be TWO emails, which is still better than five.

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