Groups in Client Review

When regularly sending out Client Reviews to the same group of people it would be nice if instead of entering (and remembering) each name that needs to be on that list, if you could create groups in the Client User section and upon entering that group it would populate the list with all the client users.

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    James Ricker

    This is a HUGE issue for us currently as our approval list is massive and managers can easily forget to add everyone on the list! Please fix ASAP

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    Kasia Rymar

    Hi There,

    Not as many people pushing for this as I would have thought.  Love the client review site - makes client feedback process so much easier! But definitely an issue that we're not able to create client groups.

    We are in the same boat as James Ricker - imagine that this is common across many studios.



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    Johnny Duguid

    Hey all,

    This was a tricky one for us, as we really wanted to keep the Client Review Site (CRS) as simple to use as possible. Having to manage groups felt like a lot of overhead and additional UIs, so we took a step back when looking for a solution here. Starting with Shotgun 6.3, the Recipients field will now remember who you've most recently shared with and display those people or groups of people as a selectable option. This means that you get easy to select (and reselect with each new share) "groups" without the pain of having to actually manage the group.

    I'm going to mark this request as DONE given the new 6.3 functionality, but - if more robust group tracking for CRS is needed - please start a new thread.



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    Frank Rueter

    I do think groups are essential. Imagine you have a createive and an EP group and some overlapping clients (e.g. director).

    Things may get tricky quickly. Would adding groups really add so much more complexity? I'd imagine the client review site woudln't change at all, you would simply e able to invite a client group, which then gets exploded into the individual users as we see it now (for tracking stats and re-shering etc).