overview stream - ability to see more fields for notes

On the shotgun overview page for a show, where it shows the most recent updates, when a note is put in, the only thing shown is the body of the note, and you must click to the specific link of the note to see the other fields. It would be nice to see more info at that level.  It'll be much more efficient to be able to scroll through the notes instead of having to click on them individually.

For us, the Subject is that one field most desired.

How does everyone else feel?

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    Gavin Greenwalt

    We would like the ability to close notes out from the overview stream. 

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    Hristo Velev

    +1 to that, we're using notes for many things, and custom fields are crucial for that. Also, see conversation streams immediately instead of just the last post in them, having to click it to see the whole conversation in the detail pane.