Project snapshot / time report


Recently we get more and more requests from out managers and supervisors like "can we see all the shots what were in progress last month?" or " can we see a list of Versions that was approved in this month?" and so on. In other words - they are asking for a project snapshot in a particular time/date range to get a basic report of who and what was doing and what was the state of that.

Right now - there is no 100% correct way you can get that data out of shotgun, so w
e wrote a small simple script what answers on one pretty common question: how many versions was approved in previous month? So, It searches for all events on 'Version' entity, scanning their meta data for the status 'app' that was happened in last month. (check the attach)

It would be ultra cool to have it implemented inside the Shotgun as a base filtering feature for generating report pages or to set up dashboard widgets quick'n easy. Or (maybe) even we can get a brand new 'Project report charts' feature?


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