Task Dependency Options

We've heard from clients they'd like to track Task dependencies but also allow Dependencies to overlap. The idea would be to make it so that there should only be a dependency error if a dependent Task would end before the parent Task ends.

As it stands the icon in the Gantt view is very glaring and would indicate an error even though in the workflow it's not. There are two proposed options:

End -> Beginning Dependency 
End -> End Dependency

End -> Beginning would display an error as it works now. If the beginning of the dependent Task starts before the end of the parent task.

End -> End would display an error if the end of the dependent Task ends before the parent Task ends.

Would this feature be useful for you? If so please vote for the feature and leave us your use cases in the comments.

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    Steven Tavernia

    Agreed - often multiple tasks can be scheduled to be completed in a single day.  For example, a simple prop can be modeled and textured in the same day.  The attached example should not create a dependency violation.

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    Mark Thielen

    We would like to have the option to have tasks dependent of each other based on start to start. Most of the time, the dependency tasks work well with end to start connections. It would be great to have options for start to start, end to end, and the default end to start. Secondly, if there is a dependency violation, it would be great to have these options available to push the tasks to one of these options.