Way to share Assets across multiple Projects

Many clients have multiple Projects in Shotgun that utilize the same assets (sequels, game franchises, episodic TV, etc). Currently an Asset can only belong to one Project at a time. You can duplicate an Asset and link the copy to a different Project, but linked Notes and Task history (among other metadata) get left behind.

We could use a better workflow for sharing Assets across multiple Projects. This could mean implementing a centralized Asset library of some sort, or just making the Asset-to-Project connection a multi-entity link. Of course there are implications on the Pipeline Toolkit here, and how the files associated with such Assets would be managed and stored.

Click 'Me Too!' to vote up this feature, and add any additional thoughts or use cases in the comments. Would love to hear thoughts from other clients about how this could best be implemented to fit your use case.

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    This would be an INVALUABLE tool for us.  As Characters grow over episodes, over releases, etc. their asset evolves, etc.