Per Project Smart Thumbnails

It's currently possible to configure a small set of fields on a per-Project basis (e.g. available Statuses, Pipeline Steps, specific field visibility). This request is to add Smart Thumbnails to that list as well. It would be useful to be able to configure the logic, or whether to use static thumbnails, on a per-Project basis.

Would this be useful to you? If so click the "Me Too!" button and leave your use cases in the comments.

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    Alice Rathert

    I can't see the 'Me Too' button but we are really missing this feature to configure the thumbnail field per project!

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    Benoit Leveau

    Most of our tv and film projects are using the manual thumbnail upload and are happy with it, but we have a few projects that would like to be able to use the Smart Thumbnails. Currently it's not possible, so we have to stick to the manual.

    On occasions, someone would switch their project to Smart Thumbnails and not immediately realise that it's affecting all the projects. When adding new fields there's always a pop up about affecting all projects or the current project, but not on this setting so it can be confusing.