Configure Query Thumbnail to include if/or statements

At the moment, you can only set the Query Thumbnail with one condition, for example: display the latest Version linked to the Entity as the thumbnail or display the latest Version linked to the Entity submitted under a particular Pipeline Step. You cannot say: display the latest Version submitted by a department, and if there is no Version submitted by that department then just display the latest Version linked to that Entity.

Please click 'me too' if you'd like to see if statements supported in the Query thumbnails.

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    Rob Aitchison

    Would this also include Publishes or is that a separate request?  Combing through the Feature Request list is cumbersome.

    Thank you.

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    Johal Gow

    This is really important for a large production. We have teams that need to define thumbnails and some who rely on the versions updating the thumbnail. It seems that we cannot do what we need here.

    Ticket - https://support.shotgunsoftware.com/hc/requests/87125 

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    We found a way to have projects with uploaded thumbnails and other with query thumbnails.

    We created a checkbox on the Project entity ("Use Query Thumbnail" for instance). We check it for every projects which should have their thumbnail defined by a query.

    Then, we modified the query settings by adding the Condition: Project > Use Query Thumbnail Is Checked.

    The result is simple:

    - If the entity's project has this checkbox checked, the query is applied

    - If not, you can manually upload a thumbnail!