non-personalized link for client review

We have a couple of clients and partners with which we are sharing the same playlist over the client review app. As there is no feature at the moment to have a collection of playlists, it would be useful to have the possibility to create one non-personalized link for a playlist where the client can log-in with his username and passwort. This way one playlist collection could be greated - outside of Shotgun - which can be shared with all clients.

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    Johnny Duguid

    Hey Patrick,

    For security purposes, we're not likely to support this anytime soon. That said, with Shotgun 6.3, we've added new email notifications so that whenever a new version is added to a Shared Playlist, everyone receives an email about it. That means you can share the single playlist and then keep adding Versions while knowing your clients are getting alerted to the new work.

    Let me know if that may resolve your needs for this one!


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    Shauna Lee

    This would be useful for instances when sending out a separate email Agenda prior to a meeting/call. It would be helpful to be able to include a link that everyone can use/sign in to. Otherwise, we have to re-share the playlist with everyone so they can easily access it. As the initial email they received may not be at the top of their email list.