de-couple active view setting from "save page" function


would it be possible to not make the active view part of what is saved with a page?
I constantly find myself on a page with multiple views, adjusting some columns in a particular (non-default) view, then saving the page and thus accidentally changing which view as the default for the current page.
I have to go back to the page's default view before saving the page to avoid people getting utterly confused because the default view for a given page keeps changing on them.

I think it'd be great to have a separate option in the page designer that defines which view is the default one, so that saving the page itself after minor UI adjustments does not override this behaviour.

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    Jacob Medendorp

    I agree. I'd like it to be pretty obvious, too, because I tend to run into this problem a lot with people who are new to Shotgun, particularly developers, who tend to have the admin ability to save pages in an odd state.