Display embedded video frame-offset or timecode in web-player

We would like to see the actual embedded timecode from the uploaded video file in the web-player or the actual frame off-set if displayed in frames.


This is important to us since we get feedback on specific frames but those frames are currently not aligned to our workspace in Maya.

Currently we need to burn in timecode or frame count in the video file to keep track on the actual frames which seams obsolete when all the information is in place, it just has to be linked and displayed in the web player.


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    Alex Meddick

    We very rarely render from frame 0000, usually from 1001, but really any number up to 7 digits can be our start frame (when using timecode based frame numbers). Our internal renders are never rendered with a slate, so if we are using "relative numbers" they start at frame 1.

    Frame range is respected in all other aspects of shotgun and its integration with RV.

    Sorry to put it so bluntly, but IMO this is not a feature request this is a bug fix.