Convert a File to a Version

Often people upload an image as an attachment (which generates a File) and then they want to easily convert this File into a Version. Currently, you'd need to first download the file and then upload it via the 'Uploaded Movie' field to kick off the transcoding process and generate a Version. We've heard feedback that it would be great if there were an easier way to do this, such as a 'convert to Version' button or checkbox that automatically converts the File into a Version, which can then be played in Screening Room.


Please add your support to this feature request if you'd like to see this developed in the future.

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    Frank Rueter

    That would be extremely useful!!! I have wasted much time and bandwidth downloading and uploading the same file for the sake of a quick and simple annotation in screening room and a more transparent feedback loop.

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    Kym Watts

    Something that would also be just as valuable, would be to allow the attachment viewer to have access to the annotations menu.

    Currently our asset artist's will get a note that includes the design images.  when they have comments, they will take a screen shot of an image that is attached to a note, do there notations in photoshop, then attach there annotated image back to the note.