Darker color scheme for Shotgun UI

Some clients would prefer a darker color scheme in the Shotgun UI, so there is not so much ambient light splash from laptop screens when using Shotgun in dark review rooms. Perhaps something more along the lines of the darker theme used in the Media app interface.


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    Johnny Duguid 正式评论

    A Dark Theme was released with Shotgun 8.0. You can read all about it and more on our blog.

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    Sean McAlear

    A lot of our users LOVE the darker theme in the Media app.  Having it as a default option would be awesome.

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    Simon Ouellet


    Is it possible to have the dark media theme option by user account?

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    Ben Hadden

    Hey everyone, I wanted to give an update on this one. Our dev and design teams are taking steps that will get us close to a unified look. Once we have all the components in Shotgun reading from a consistent list of styles, it's going to be easier for us to roll out theming. It's something we anticipate having in the future, but it's going to take some time. So hang in there! On our radar.

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    Ben Hadden

    Hey everyone, I wanted to give a quick update on this request: within the next couple weeks, we'll be rolling out a brand new Projects page that, for many people, will be the first thing they see when logging in. This page will be our first page in the app to support "theming". You can read more about it and our plans for future pages here:


    Our intention is to update other existing pages to support theming, but because of their complexity, they will take longer than this one. Any new page we build will have theming built in, and I expect that older pages will support theming as we make progress on rebuilding them.

    If there is a particular page you'd really like to see us add theming to, please let us know!