Resend Note function

At the moment, if you want to resend an existing Note to new recipients who have been added to the To or CC field, you need to first create a reply to the Note. Please add your support to this feature request if you'd like to be able to click a button to resend an existing Note thread to new recipients.

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    Neil Grey - IE

    I'd like to add that this functionality should also work for Tickets as well.

    We've run into many instances where people are added to a note or ticket's cc after it's already been created and email sent, then when asked about that topic in person they're bewildered as to why they have know idea what's going on.  This gap in communication causes serious implications when it comes to critical issues needing resolved, directors notes, etc...

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    Armando Ricalde

    Yeap, adding silly replies to a thread just to let new people added to Notes and Tickets know about it is not good, it just makes the thread longer and more difficult to follow with irrelevant replies.