Ability to save, share and favorite Filters in Screening Room

We've had numerous requests to be able to save, share and favorite Filters in the Filter Panel in Screening Room and Screening Room for RV. Please click 'Me Too' on this feature request if you'd like to see this supported in the future.

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    Johannes Hezer

    Would this also include a default sidewide filter option one for screening room online and one for rv ?
    As it is somewhat related.
    egg we do not delete stuff but set it to omit, it would be nice if we could filter out the omt shots/assets/seqs by default, as we rarely look at them but constantly have to turn them off ...

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    Ben Hadden

    Hey everyone, we release a feature today that we're hoping addresses this. You can read about it here:


    Basically, you can now send your Custom Filters to each other. The main use case we were trying to hit was allowing a coordinator to make a complicated filter then send it to her supervisor, who would then use the filter in Screening Room for RV. This saves the supervisor time by letting someone else make filters for them.

    Johannes--the issue of hiding certain Versions is another issue we've been thinking about (but more as a site-wide preference). I'd recommend making a new Feature Request for this if it's still something you'd like us to build.