Advanced sorting capabilities with Review Notes App

There's been requests to add additional sorting functionality to the Review Notes App:

  • Support Advanced Sorting (e.g. Sort first by Artist, and then by Version Name)
  • Ability to see and choose Version-in-Playlist fields from the Sort menu (e.g. connection entity fields like "Sort")
  • Ability to save and pass along updated sorting preferences to other people that have the Review Notes Apps open

Please add your use-cases here so we can track all the desired sorting features for the Review Notes App. Thanks!

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    Greg Rulfs

    Advanced Grouping to go along with Advanced Sorting (e.g. Group by Vendor Notes/Submitted For then sort by Version Name etc.)

    This would be particularly useful when reviewing in groups like Work In Progress Versions, then Versions for Final Approval, then Versions For Discussion etc.

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    Andrew Lawrence

    HI Folks,

    Good news, with todays release of advanced sorting is now available in the review notes app. You can find the regular sort button


    You can check the full release notes here.

    Since this topic is regarding advanced sorting in review notes, we're closing it out but we've opened a new feature request for advanced grouping in review notes which you can find here.