Make Filter Panel dockable in detail page tabs, and save docked state with page layout (rather than as a per-user pref)

Some clients would like the Filter Panel to remain docked on all Detail Page tabs, as an obvious and consistent place for artists to be able to swap saved filters on the page, or use the widgets to filter things further. Many artists won't go searching for this functionality, but if its exposed on the page, they will find and use it.

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    Jean Francois Lafleur

    i would just add this .. if filters are dockable in one spot they should be dockable in the other

    consistency is important to users that may not be so familiar with shotgun in general

    ...and yes, i would love the docked or undocked state to save with the page !



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    Jonathan Chavez

    +1 for this feature.

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    +1 for this