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This is either a feature request or a request for an attitude adjustment, I'm not sure which. : )

How are people handling client feedback?  Our current system is to create a new task for the artist.   If the client says "Brighten Reflection on Element-X" we create a new task called "Brighten Reflection on Element-X" and assign it to the artist.   Problem is there is no way for the artist to comment on said task and interact with other people.  Nor is it convenient to create complex feedback comments.   Maybe it's not "Brighten Reflection on ElementX"  it's "Balance the reflection on Element X to Element Y's levels".   Very quickly Task names start growing out of control.   The task name in the last instance could just be "Adjust ElementX's Reflection" but then it needs a detail section to alt over and read or  bring up the task page for to read in full. 

The hack I'm employing right now is to create a note for each task and link it to the task.   Then make visible the "open notes" column for my tasks page.  I can alt over the note and get the details or click on the note link and attach a marked up image or ask questions about the client comments. 

How do others handle client comments and track their progress?   I like tasks as an artist because then it's on my list of things to do.

§ Revise Shot 10
§ Create Asset03
§ Render Shot 11 


We experimented with making the exclusively notes but then it wasn't on my list of things to do nor was progress tracked very well. 

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