Changing Status field defaults.....

Not sure if this is a bug or needs to be a feature request.


So, I have setup a few projects (shows), etc... and felt I wanted to change the default "waiting to start" to "ready to start".


So, I thought the most logic way to do that would be to enter the configure field, remove the "waiting to start" and set "ready to start" as a default.


No good.  The SQL throws back that the field needs to be set to one of the defined values (i.e. one of the old set of values).


So, not sure if it will be intended action to change that, once made, granted, across old/archived information this causes a data incontinunity. So the question is, are the status members setup to include/exclude visibility, or are you out right deleting their entries.


IOW, for continuity I assume you are merely making them visble with a boolean field, rather than actually deleting the field.


If the former, then it must be a bug, if the latter, than I suggest maybe a rethink on that schema.


I assume it is the latter case (deleting the field) because the SQL wouldnt have an issue if the field was no longer visible, since the data was still there. 


Now the only poblem with doing it with maintaining the data across backwards information would be that the data could only be changed manually (drop-down style) because you would not want to overwrite the original / archived datasets values with the new default, but if this was done prior to new projects, then it really would not matter.


I hope this makes sense, because I read it three times and I am not sure it makes sense to me.

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