Quick Filter enhancements

I can see great potential for the new "Quick Filter" feature in 1.7, but I find it's current incarnation a bit slow, mainly because its initial guess doesn't seem particularly intelligent. It seems to me that if you could combine some of the functionality of the old "Quick Jump" search box, it could be totally awesome. e.g. if I type "Andy Geers" into the quick filter box, at the moment it just treats that as plain text and makes some (often wrong) guess as to how to filter, but if instead it offered a little autocomplete box that spotted that "Andy Geers" is a user, it could suggest filtering by "Assigned to (user) Andy Geers" straight off the bat. Don't know if that makes sense? It's just that at the moment, I type some text in, I wait for the page to load, it's usually a wrong first guess as to how I want to filter, then I have to press the right button (if the right button is even present at all) and then I have to wait again for the correct result set to load. If I could do it all in one request by preselecting the exact filter from an autocomplete dropdown, it would be much quicker.

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