Show entity icon in link field on new Note GUI

Admittedly this request comes from a less-than-advisable practice of ours, but I don't think I'm going to get them to make our Take names unique anytime soon, so here goes.  It would be great to see the entity icon next to each link in the links field of the new note GUI.

The link field defaults to linking a new note on a Take to the Take itself, its parent Task, and the Task's parent Asset.  Unfortunately in our case, the Take name is often the same as the parent Asset or Shot's name.  Yeah, it is confusing, I know.

So if the note creator wants to trim down the links so that only the take is linked, they can't tell at a glance which link is the Asset and which is the Take.  If we could get those handy dandy icons to show up in that field in the new Note GUI, that would solve this particular problem.

Would probably be useful in any new item GUI for the link field, or anywhere you are dealing with links, to be able to see that icon.

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