[IP 1.13] Configurable summary fields

We are running into a lot of instances where it would be nice if we could generate our own summary of linked fields. This would be akin to the status summary fields that are currently available, but we'd like to be able to do things like a sum of time entries on a shot, rolled up for a sequence, and a list of assignees for surfacing tasks in a sequence.

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    This is being worked on right now for v1.13. We're calling them Query Fields. So for example to show all of the time logged for each Shot, you can create a new Query Field on Shot:

    • select the entity to query: TimeLog
    • define the type of query for the summary: [Link > Task > Link] [is] [Current Entity]
    • choose the display option: can be a simple count, or you can summarize on a field on TimeLog with standard summary options normally available in Shotgun.

    Then on your Shot page, you can click into this field to open a focus window that displays all of the details of your query. 

    More details to come once we release v1.13 and we'll include a link to the docs here too.