Copy Field Values

So right now I need to do this via the API, which is no big deal for me,  but for a studio whom do not have the necessary resources to build tools and migrate data it would be nice to have a UI tool to copy the value of one filed to another field for a group of selected entries in a given entity. 

We have a field that is improperly named but the data is proper.  We want to migrate the data from the wrong name field to the proper named field.  Then we need to populate the wrong named field with the proper data.  We are aware that we can rename the field in the page, but down the road having field data that doesn't contain the proper information is problematic especially when the API name is not updated to correspond to the actual display name. 



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    We're working towards cell selection in the grid to work just like Excel which would then support cut and paste operations like this we hope. No ETA right now, but it's on the list.