[DONE 1.11] Task Assignment Summaries

Just like you have "Task Status Summaries" on each shot (ANIM status, LIGHTING status, etc.) it would be awesome to have per-tasktype Task *Assignment* Summaries on the shot. I'm constantly being asked by people "How can I filter my shots by who the COMP tasks are assigned to?". I've implemented this for specific departments using triggers, but if it were built into Shotgun then it could automatically create these fields for every task type.


e.g. if you have two COMP tasks for a shot, one assigned to Bob Dylan and the other assigned to Borris Johnson, you'd have a "COMP Assignments" field on the shot containing the list "Bob Dylan, Borris Johnson".

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    Isaac Reuben

    Hey Andy, we're planning a more flexible, free-form summary field option, which will let you create new summary fields for any data you are interested in, and would work great for the case you mention above.

    If you only need to filter the shots by the assigned to on tasks (not display them right there), then you can actually do that right now.  In the Query Builder on a Shots page you filter for [ Tasks -> Assigned To ] [ contains ] [ Bob Dylan ], and it will show you all of Mr. Dylan's shots.  And using the focus grids we've added in 1.6, you could them click on the COMP status summary field, and get quick access to all the rest of details about those tasks -- without leaving the page.

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    Andy Geers

    The focus grids are useful, but the nice thing about having an actual field is that you can then include it in a CSV export, etc. Your generic summary fields sound like a good solution - look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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    As of version 1.11, this feature is now included as Pipeline Steps. You can filter by Task assignees and display the relevant Task information right in the Shot grid for viewing, editing and exporting. 

    You can read about them here: https://support.shotgunsoftware.com/entries/83863-task-pipelines-and-steps