Splitting Tasks

We recently wrote a pyQT application to take an existing task and split it up into multiple equal tasks. Our producers are supper happy about this tool.  It allows them to take a pre-existing task and split it into multiple equal duration tasks. Would be pretty helpful if this was built into shotgun.

So lets say you have a task for Modeling and you intially assign it to a user TBDArtist1.  Then you realize that the task needs to be split across multiple artist for a variety of reasons.  It would rock if Shotgun had the ability to split the task into multiple tasks all equalling the same length of the intial task and spread them out in the gannt in a varitey of ways. 

1.  Align to Start  - This would be used if a producer needed to fastrack the completion of a task by doubling up the man power on a specified task.

2.  Staggar alignment  -  The would be used if a producer lost one artist only to be replaced later with another artist

Consider this, in order for this to work properly the Duration field which is calculated from the task Start and End would need to support better accuracy.  Currenlty Duration fields only support 0.1 accuracy.  So if the project got split into 3rds.  You would lose some of the accuracy of the total of the tasks when 0.33 got truncated to 0.3.  It doesn't sound like a whole lot but when you start trying to do financials and timecards from shotgun its a big breaking point issue.



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    Good suggestion. We're not sure yet how far we're going to go with making scheduling act more like Microsoft Project (not sure how useful that is), but this is something we hear a lot and some good feedback. We're anxious to hear other thoughts on this from users