Allow Users to Specify a Date Format When Exporting CSVs


At the moment when you export a CSV from Shotgun which contains dates, they come out formatted like "Wed, Feb 11 09". Unfortunately, this isn't very helpful if you want to be able to re-sort your data in Excel afterwards, or print a pretty graph or whatever.


Is there any way we could be given the option to format date fields like YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss?

Thanks a lot!

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    Mike Romey

    If you go to the preference page you should have the option to store date information in a variety of different layouts.  I believe the preference is called "format_date_fields".

    Recently we completed and rolled out our time card system which included dumping data out of shotgun to be imported to ADP.  At first I thought it might be doable with the ability to export CSV files.  But quickly realized that sometime its just necessary to dive into the API and python and format and dump the data manually.   Especially if your trying to export data for financials or timecard purposes.   Might be wortth considering depending upon how much time your spending soaping the data in excel.


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    Currently (v1.12) dates are exported in the format 2010-04-05 and datetime values are exported as 2010/04/05 12:00:00 AM

    We have plans to allow formatting options for each column type per-page that would be the same on export, but we don't have an ETA for it yet.