"Isolate Version and Neighbors" issue with rvlink


We have an issue with "Isolate Version and Neighbors", I'll try to lay down all we have/done and see if we can solve it.

What we did in Shotgun:
We set up the cut order in all our versions.
We set up the cut_in and cut_ out for each version.
We are able to see the versions, and the version of neighboring shots in screening Room(in the main view area once selected a sequence).
All version have local media, frames/movies.

Here is where it starts to.. not work no more.
Once we select a version and go to:
"Shotgun > Current Source Prefs > Isolate Version and Neighbors"
We get an error in the log:
INFO: decoded URL 'rvlink:// -reuse 0 -play -l -eval 'shotgun.sessionFromVersionIDs(int[] {8207});''
ERROR: could not parse options from URL: 'rvlink:// -reuse 0 -play -l -eval 'shotgun.sessionFromVersionIDs(int[] {8207});''
The "install_handler" for chrome does work, when a user does not have it installed, we set this up and it works.
When running RV from chrome, it works, pressing "Play/Compere in RV" from Shotgun works.

We are not sure why running the rvlink from "screening Room" itself does not work, getting the error and log opens up.

What we do:

Launch RV.
Launch Screening Room from Shotgun menu(ctrl+b).
Select a Sequence/Shot.
select a version.
Right click on the version, "play selected".
pressing: Shotgun > Current Source Prefs > Isolate Version and Neighbor
Getting error log.
Is there a better way to set this done, other than write our own tool? Is there a way to see Isolate Version and Neighbor not from screening room/RV?
Could be that all it is is a problem with the install_handler in chrome or the actual launch of rvlink via chrome.

What we have:
RV: Version 7.2.0
Chrome: Version 63.0.3239.84
OS: CentOS 7

Okay, so that was a bit long, hope I was clear.
Have a great one all.

Thank you.


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    (Michael) Kessler

    Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for writing in.  That is quite odd!

    Breaking this down, it sounds like we can be pretty sure that the handlers are at least getting the string to RV.  The message you are getting occurs inside of RV as it is attempting to parse the rvlink.

    Oddly enough, opening that rvlink on my machine parses properly; which is a bit confusing.

    Can you try to open this link, which is a baked out version of your link:

    If you don't have a good way of invoking that url, paste this into a file and save it as a file with a .html extension, then open it up in your browser:


    <a href="rvlink://baked/202d72657573652030202d706c6179202d6c202d6576616c202773686f7467756e2e73657373696f6e46726f6d56657273696f6e49447328696e745b5d207b383230377d293b27">RVLink</a>


    Also, I assume that you have both Shotgun Integration and Screening Room plugins enabled, but can you make sure they are both set to "Loaded" in the package manager?





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    Daniel Wexler

    Kessler, Thank you for the reply.

    So, the .html works, it just doesn't load anything, RV is launching but empty.
    Running that command in a shell is good( of course replacing "rvlink" with "rv"):
    rv -reuse 0 -play -l -eval 'shotgun.sessionFromVersionIDs(int[] {8208});'
    So, we know the .mov file is in place, it can be found and it can be run( by the way, this link just loads one mov file, it does not Isolate Version and Neighbors, should I be worried about that as well? )

    Yes, the plug-ins are loaded and we set those up in the RV.conf preset thingy.

    So, I'll go over what we want to do.
    Right click on a version -> "Play in RV"

    Now, RV opens and plays the version and by pressing shift+i it tells me that it has no shotgun info, and I can not press "Shotgun > Current Source Prefs > Isolate Version and Neighbors" as its grayed out. Guessing cause of that missing info.


    So maybe the question is, is the build of the rvlink from shotgun/chrome is incorrect?
    What info is missing info on this version to be "seen" by RV?
    Is there another way to view the "next door" shots?

    What I wrote yesterday was more from the screening room browser, now I know we do not even get there as we want the animator/whoever to be able to see the neighboring Shots directly from RV session that opens from "play in RV".

    Hope its clear to what we are trying to do.

    Thank You.




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    Daniel Wexler

    Hi guys.


    Any idea? Anything we can do to make this work?

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    Daniel Wexler

    We ended up building our own package to do so.

    We feed the info we need outside of RV and launching it and modifying the sources as we see fit.
    Took two days work so in a way, not bad.

    We now encounter other issues, like the ENV of Rv is not as the rest of the system we run on, makes subprocess calls... not responsive, we are looking into that.

    Is there a way to change RV's env ?

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    Daniel Wexler

    What we ended up doing with the ENV conflicts from RV to our env, we basically delete some env parameters like:

    del env['LD_LIBRARY_PATH'] # caused some .so conflicts.
    del env['PYTHONHOME']       # caused some python-rv and our python conflicts.

    All good now.