Changing field types looses contained field data - should cast values

I was experimenting with a field and changed it's type from checkbox to number.  When I did this all the values in the field were wiped.

What I expected was the data be cast to the new field type.  ie TRUE == 1 == 1.0 == "True"

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    Nephi Sanchez 正式评论

    Hi Geordie,


    Thanks for the feedback - this is definitely something that should be fixed.  At very least we should be warning you explicitly ahead of time that you will lose your data and give you a chance to back out.


    I made an internal ticket for this, and in the meantimeI would suggest creating new fields whenever possible, and if a field type has to be changed, follow this protocol:


    - export all the old data first, using the "More > Export to Excel (csv)" option.

    - change the field type

    - adjust the data in excel as need be (e.g., change "x" to 1.0, blanks to 0.0)

    - import the data back in


    Thanks again - really appreciate the post, we know we have some user experiences that need improvement.