Maya freezes while opening workfiles But Open after tank unregister_folders cmd

Hi guys,

We are having recurring instance of this issue were an artist publish is file and after a while if he has to open the work-files of the same asset than Maya just freezes and if we run tank unregister_folders on the asset folder the the artist is able to open the work-files correctly .

We have been facing this issue on daily basis now and its kinda blocker for our project as artist cannot keep running  tank unregister_folders cmd on every asset they needs to work.

Any help in debugging and fixing this issue could be of great help 


Mayur Amminbhavi
Pipeline TD
Videogyan Studios



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    Mansi Shah 正式评论

    Hey Mayur,

    Thank you for writing in, I've opened a ticket for you about this on our support site. One of our support team will take a look and reach out to you ASAP.