Ability to sort playlist order and list view within Client Review site

Dear Shotgun Support,

We are finding the Client Review site is not very user friendly for our clients in the way we need to use it. We often need to create playlists that are ongoing throughout the life of a particular TV episode. This is for the benefit of the client to be able to see the evolution of shots within a particular episode and refer back to previous versions easily when necessary. 

The issue this poses with the current configuration is that the client is unable to filter or sort order themselves. Nor is it possible for them to easily identify version names and numbers on the display dashboard, only thumbnails which when looking at numerous versions of the same shot in the volume we are working with isn't useful at all. 

It would be extremely helpful if it was possible to sort order and view version names and numbers within the Client Review Site (with the option of a list as well as thumbnails). This is something we've discovered is frustrating for ourselves but have had numerous clients vent their own difficulties in identifying what they need to look at. The Client Review Site is a fantastic thing and we use it all the time on our projects so it would be great if it was a little more user friendly for both sides. I know you can sort order and lock playlists before submitting to Client Review but this doesn't resolve the issues in easily identifying versions in the volume we work with...

Kind regards

Scott Metcalfe


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    Johan Boekhoven

    I'd like to support this request, the client review site is lacking so many basic features it's hard to use it seriously... I'd like to sort, show a few fields more etc. Nothing is a given there.