The next phase of Community @ Shotgun Johnny Duguid 0 댓글 0 없음
Add ability to annotate with more complex shapes, onion skin Kirk Chantraine 13 댓글 20 없음
select, transform & copy/past annotations Yannis Boultadakis 3 댓글 8 없음
OCIOFileTransform node support in RV Mary Ferrante 0 댓글 8 없음
Opacity / Rotation using the Wipe function Shoghian 7 댓글 8 없음
Support for DNxHR Codec Sylvia Kosowski 4 댓글 7 없음
Cache limit / auto cache based on host memory? Nick Hall 0 댓글 6 없음
H265 support It Admin 0 댓글 5 없음
Annotation Tool Improvements Gary Chadwick 6 댓글 5 없음
Be able to view "Cuts" in screening room Stefan Andersson 2 댓글 3 없음
EXR header info access regardless of active channel tommy zhu 0 댓글 3 없음
Expose more Color adjustment values in the UI Dugan-c 1 댓글 3 없음
submit tool enhansments Alexey Borzykh 1 댓글 3 없음
tetrahedral interpolation for 3D LUTs Alan Trombla 0 댓글 3 없음
RV lib for parenting RV window to Qt Apps Chad Dombrova 0 댓글 3 없음
Support transitions and fades in Screening Room Nico Rehberg 1 댓글 2 없음
RV EDL Export Viktor Petrov 1 댓글 2 없음
API call for reading image metadata Gates Roberg-Clark 0 댓글 2 없음
RV pref files to use the same format Dan Walker 0 댓글 2 없음
Versions in Screening Room should be draggable Doug MacMillan 3 댓글 2 없음
Slack integration Sean Murphy 3 댓글 2 없음
Generate a QImage in memory Gates Roberg-Clark 0 댓글 2 없음
Allow CDL's to be inversed Kevin Wheatley 0 댓글 2 없음
Support for "webm" video format? Patrick Van Pelt 17 댓글 2 없음
Image layer RGB with Python josh 0 댓글 1 없음
Automatically Cut out Handles, and Right click to view in Shotgun from Shot list (not a playlist) Quinn 0 댓글 1 없음
Node Graph/Editor for RV Group and Pipeline Nodes Daniel Wong 0 댓글 1 없음
Overlapping Sources Kristen Drosinos 0 댓글 1 없음
Animated GIF's Josh Burnell 0 댓글 1 없음
Support for hardware accelerated file format decoding (NVDEC) Matt Plec 1 댓글 1 없음